Eran Hadas – English

Hi, how are you? My name is Eran Hadas.

I am a poet, software developer and new media artist from Tel-Aviv. I build computer based poetry generators that utilize the internet for their input. I call what I do Augmented Poetry, enabling humans to manipulate the material of language by employing automated algorithms.

I have also been publishing some more conventional books, all in Hebrew. I was responsible for the biggest hoax in the history of Hebrew poetry,  Tzeela Katz. I was the 2016 poet in residence at Binyamin Gallery Tel-Aviv, and the 2017 Schusterman artist in residence at Caltech. Check out the Computational Literature course page.

I am a lecturer at Tel-Aviv University, Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art, and The College of the Literary Arts Jerusalem. I teach a course titled Poetic Computation and various other classes binding art, computer science and digital culture. I also give a mini-workshop on Machine Learning for artists at Betzalel/HUJI. In the past I taught at Hamidrasha. Please visit my Blog (in English) or check out the Poetry International page (with links to poems) I was lucky to receive.