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Word2Dream – A Reader’s Companion

Word2Dream is a computer program that enables a slow reading of a text by showing the viewer the associative thinking process of an algorithm. By making use of the Word2Vec algorithm, the computer conjures related words that are not part of the original text, and then proceeds to bring up associations related to the new layer of words and so on. This creates a computer-based imaginary line of thought, or possibly, a computer’s dream. This project is a textual analog of the Google Deep-Dream images project.

I Have a Dream

Word2Dream is a project by Mahanaim 134 (Eyal Gruss and Eran Hadas). It debuted at Projection – a code-art exhibition at The Artists House Tel-Aviv on September 2015. The project was built during the PA||SE hackathon within 24 hours with the support of Keren Katz and Daniel Oz.
PA||SE is part of Print Screen Festival 2015, Holon, Greater Tel-Aviv.

A demo version is available to play with: