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Wikiland is an arena for physical Wikipedia edit wars. Anyone can edit any entry on Wikipedia, and an edit war occurs when editors who disagree about the content of a page repeatedly override each other’s contributions, rather than trying to resolve the disagreement through discussion. Such Wiki-wars are projected on a screen, forcing the people who stand in front of it to become engaged in fighting for the right revision.

A sensor detects the viewers, assigns them to one of two teams according to their position, and attaches a chat bubble to each team, holding one of two competing revisions of the same Wikipedia entry. The bubble moves according to the movement of its team members, whose goal is to convey their story to the center and push the other team away. Each team scores points by capturing the center and by picking “Wiki-candies”, and eventually one team wins, causing its revision to be updated on the real Wikipedia site.

wikiland photo by amit fein

This Hebrew version debuted at the Print Screen Festival 2014, Holon, Israel, and was made possible and funded by The New Fund For Cinema And TV (NFCT) Israel (Link in Hebrew).

English Version is now also available.
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WikiLand is a project by Turing Dames ft. Mahanaim 134 / Lushkit.