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Venice Biennale 2015

Tsibi Geva, one of Israel’s most prominent and influential artists, has been selected to present “Archeology of the Present” in the Israeli Pavilion at the 56th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia. Geva asked me, or rather gave me the honor, to contribute my poem “Chain” (from The Space Bar, 2013) to the show’s catalog.

Geva transformed the Israeli pavilion into something reminiscent of a shielded bunker, adhering to his well known artistic representation of Israeli life. It is described by curator Hadas Maor as “Vernacular Architecture”. The rapid establishment of the Israeli state, running over its Palestinian residents, and moving forward with little if any planning, has inspired the installation. It consists of terrazzo tiles, windows, shutters, lattices, and cement blocks; elements which exist as fragments of what once was, or could in principle constitute, a home.

In a recent interview [hebrew, paywall], Geva said the following, regarding Israeli artists:
“The impulse to say something about this place was in the air in the ’80s, but today this question does not come up. The notion of place today has no physical definition. The space of a young artist today is the Internet”. I think that my poem is in the catalog to highlight that even though The Place has shifted, the politics surrounding it remain the same.

All of the images below are taken from the catalog.
eran hadas chain

Eran Hadas – Chain