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New Poetry Book: Testimony

My seventh poetry book in Hebrew is out(Gnat Publishing, 2016). It’s titled Testimony (subtitled “Java and prejudice”) and is conceptual and algorithmic. It is the output of a Java 8 program, which scans the Hebrew Wikipedia category of Israeli poets, and then guesses their gender and ethnic origin. The categories for gender are female, male and female/male, where as the categories for ethnicity are Ashkenazi, Mizrahi, mixed and other.


The book raised attention because it is seen as a direct reaction to the Israeli government exclusion of Palestinians and other minorities, in the disguise of a “new” Mizrahi-Ashkenazi discourse. Therefore I was invited to host Jerusalem’s Poetry Festival main event, introducing the participating poets only by reading the pages in the book that feature them.
(Image taken from Poetry’s place Facebook page)


Hebrew readers can access the information both by reading the printed book or by querying it on the web, here: Eran Hadas Testimony. The book was written as part of my stay at Gallery Binyamin as their 2016 poet-in-residence, and as part of the exhibition AlHamakom, Israeli improvisation, curated by Galina Arbeli and Adi Karelitz. Below is a sample page.

Testimony - a sample page