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Frankie The Documentarian Robot

Frankie is a documentary robot that interviews people, attempting to “learn” what it means to be human. It responds to certain emotions both with language and “eye/camera” movements, creating computer generated, emotion inspired videos. The videos are uploaded to a website, forming an archive of the robot’s research.
Frankie was built in collaboration with Maayan Sheleff and Gal Eshel.

Frankie- the trailer! from Frankie on Vimeo.

Frankie is a form of “automatic” documentation that allegedly excludes the artist or the curator as an author, questioning notions of representation and participation. A well-exposed surveillance camera, it deliberately brings to the surface issues of agency, control and privacy, and their presence in a world in which every second is documented and mediated. It reflects upon our relationships with the machines that dominate our lives, and the manner in which we choose to perform and present ourselves in the digital age.

It is interesting to compare people from different places, so we Frankie has conducted (so far) interviews in three continents:
2013 Non Finito exhibition, Artport Tel-Aviv, Israel
2013 Ars-Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria
2014 Paraflows Festival, Vienna, Austria
2014 Art In Odd Places, New-York, NY