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I had the pleasure of participating in an international group exhibition in the Israeli Center for Contemporary Art (CCA) in Tel-Aviv. The exhibition was titled: WHATMAN: leaving traces deleted. It was curated by PASSE-AVANT, and the participants were asked to respond to the book Life a User’s Manual by Georges Perec (1978). I would like to express my gratitude to the curator Sonia Knop for creating a fantastic exhibition that is rare to see, especially in Israel. More on WHATMAN in KubaParis.

Photo by Sonia Knop

The exhibition dealt with the task of deleting traces so that nothing would remain from a work of art. I built “Self-DePerecator”, a text generator which enables the user to choose short excerpts from the book involving puzzles and traces. The user clicks “generate” which causes the program to choose random words from the input excerpt, highlight them, and generate a 3-line poem using those words. The poem can then be printed using a small (receipt like) thermal printer, which means that the poem will fade away after a couple of weeks.

Photo by Neta Alonim

This reminded me that earlier this year I took part in a Dadaist exhibition / performance conducted by Keren Katz and Dan Allon and curated by Vera Pilpoul at the Janco Dada Museum in Israel. The idea was to build a museum inside a museum, where Allon gave instructions and Katz tried to follow them in a Dadaist manner, until the inner museum fell apart. Many artists participated in this Danco Jada project, and my role was to build a Dadaist poem generator describing how the different elements in the museum interact with each other.

Photo by Neta Alonim

In a magical way, poems created by the generator got to Marlena Braester, editor of Continuum magazine. She translated them, and put it inside the recent edition of the magazine. In October a special event took place at the Paris Literary Salon to celebrate this issue.


More about contemporary art centres: Coda, the musical composition Dganit Elyakim built on top of my book Code is still on the road. Using the original software that wrote the book to pronounce the syllables in my voice, we contributed parts of the piece to several events, including the cool pop-up radio station, affiliated with Glasgow’s CCA.
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